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The encryption currency used in special tournaments for  games.

What is Zum Token?

We see great potential for mobile devices in crypto technologies. The applications are used by every crypto investor. Although we spend most of our time on mobile devices for social media or business use, the time devoted to mobile games and entertainment cannot be underestimated.
This is a great opportunity to earn real money by participating in tournaments, for example in Telegram games, which we play to spend our spare time, which is exciting.
In addition, the ZUM team will make an agreement with the projects that wish to form a Community.
The ZUM community will have the opportunity to review projects and be eligible to participate in free tournaments. Opportunity to earn huge amounts for each project you are involved in. This is exciting.

Distribution of Tokens

Token Name: Zum Token
Token Symbol: ZUM
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Decimal : 8
Standat ERC20 Token
Smart Contract Address:

  • 60% Core Team

  • 20% Development

  • 10% Marketing

  • 10% Airdrop



    Core Team

    He has worked on many projects in crypto market as a community manager in Turkey. He is experienced in the crypto market and specializes in the management of...

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    Core Team

    Experienced in Search Engine Marketing, Content Creator and Computer Science. 2 years experienced on crypto trade, stocks trade, web design, apps development...

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    Core Team

    Web and graphic design teacher.

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    He has been an admin on many of the projects ' social media channels.Communication skills with people are at the top level.

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