What is Tradingview? Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

Tradingview là gì? Hướng dẫn sử dụng Tradingview cho người mới bắt đầu

What is Tradingview?

TradingView is an online service and social network for traders. The main platform of TradingView is the in-depth technical analysis tool. TradingView was founded in September 2011. TradingView consists of a network of traders willing to share and continuously update the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency and stock market. In addition, TradingView also has a lot of tools and charts to effectively support traders in the process of trading and updating market fluctuations.

What is Tradingview?  Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

Tradingview User Manual.

TradingView interface consists of 3 main parts:

Section Header located at the top include the increase and decrease of the indexes and the coin rates. Right below is the Menu bar that helps you access TradingView’s features.

Main Content is the main interface located in the middle of the screen. Including general market information, articles from famous Trader Authors, General news…

Toolbar section is the toolbar with the sidebar in the right column. This toolbar will always appear so you can keep track of the most important information without fear of missing out. The Toolbar section you can quickly switch between Tracking, Alerts, Calendar, Ideas, Chat tools…

What is Tradingview?  Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

Find Coins on TradingView

When searching for the coin you want, note that you need to immediately type the name of the coin pair, for example, if you want to find the BTC/USD pair, you type BTCUSD. Then the search bar will display a series of information about the value of BTC/USD according to different exchanges. You are investing on any exchange you click on the price of BTC/USD according to that floor on the right side of the bar.

What is Tradingview?  Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

Then in the window that appears, you will get to where you need to go by selecting the Interactive Chart button. At this point, the price chart window of that coin appears:

Choose time frames

What is Tradingview?  Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

How to enable indicators on TradingView

So simple, just press the button in the picture below and type the indicator name,

What is Tradingview?  Tradingview User Guide for Beginners

Left hand tool

These tools are used for plotting. Some of the features that traders often use in this section are:

Lines and arrows, to draw trend lines, predict the next price action.

Fib retracement and Fib Speed ​​use to find support and resistance levels according to the Fibonacci Index.

XABCD pattern and Elliot wave give you a long-term view of price action.

Buy/sell positions give you information about the risk and reward ratio of each trade.

Date range and price range help you understand how the price fluctuates on a day-to-day basis.

In this section, you can bookmark frequently used tools, by marking the star on the right hand side.

Tools above

Above are tools to change different parameters of the test such as trading coin pair selection, time period, etc.

Market: you should choose a coin pair on the exchange with a large trading volume.

Time period: depending on the purpose and strategy of each person, normally traders often use 2 hour, 6 hour, 1 day charts.

Candlestick chart type: in this section, traders can use many types of charts such as Japanese candlesticks, Heikin Ashi.

Other features: on this section, there are features such as adjusting the size of the chart, changing the color, comparing with the chart of other trading pairs.

Screener on TradingView

This section is on the lower left side of the screen, allowing you to track multiple tokens on different markets (notice in the section of the US flag icon on the right hand side, you choose to switch to Switch to cryptocurreny at the end to monitor)

Below the “overview” section you will find trade recommendations such as “buy” or “sell”, which are calculated by the software from the indicators, but you should not use these recommendations.

In the “performance” section, you will see the price change over time day, week, month, year,

The down arrow next to “performance” you can choose Oscillators”, this is where volatility indicators like MACD, ADX, RSI are compiled

On the upper bar of the “screener” tool, you can filter coins with top gainers (strongest gainers), Oversold (oversold) indicators…

Right hand tool

Right hand tools are used to monitor the community activities of each cryptocurrency such as chat, sharing trading ideas among traders, event toolbar in unusable crypto section .

Good indicators to use for trading

TradingView provides traders with many different indicators, in addition, users can program their own indicators. Some of the most commonly used indicators:

Trading volume: this is an important indicator to track price action.

Moving Averages: There are many different types of moving averages, but the most popular are still MA50, and MA100, EMA50, EMA200.

RSI Stochastic: This is an indicator to monitor price trends, identify oversold or overbought areas.

SMA (8, 16): used for short-term trades.

Ichimoku Cloud (20,60, 120, 30) is quite suitable for identifying price trends, finding support and resistance points in price action zones.

Bollinger bands: this indicator is not too effective when the market drops sharply, but it is quite suitable to consider the price channel.

TD Sequential: This metric is mainly suitable for large-cap coins like BTC or ETH, which is quite effective to find new price waves.

From time to time, you should also try new indicators, test the effectiveness of each indicator yourself, the best way is to save your trading history, check the performance of each indicator, this is a good way best to increase your confidence in each indicator you use in trading.

How to fix indicators on TradingView

Indicators sometimes have indicators that are not suitable for your analysis and require you to correct them.

Why should you apply Tradengview to cryptocurrency?

TradingView is the most popular technical analysis support platform today, used by many professional traders. Even major exchanges like, Binance, BitMEX, Kucoin, Cryptopia also get charts from TradingView for traders to use more conveniently when trading on the exchange.


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What is BitMax? | Review of BitMax exchange
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What is BitMax? | Review of BitMax exchange

BitMax là gì?

The demand for digital assets is growing rapidly due to the continued growth of the cryptocurrency industry. However, the industry needs a better platform to ensure smoother connectivity across all markets and participants, from venture capital and project funding to institutional investors and organization. One proposed solution, BItMax, is looking to transform this space with an autonomous, community-based training network.

What is BitMax?What is BitMax? is a new digital asset trading platform that provides cryptocurrency trading services to a wide range of clients, including professional traders, institutional investors and private investors. The platform has nearly 20,000 users globally with many active trading pairs and additional listings undergoing approval.

With many decentralized exchanges operating in this space, BitMax sets itself apart from the competition in two fundamental ways: first, by giving users the features they really want, including includes high-performance trading, liquidity, easy-to-use interface, security from attacks, and stable services for uptime and market volatility management.

Second, BitMax offers users an innovative feature called fee-conversion mining model, which not only reduces transaction costs, but also offers the potential for traders to profit from trading. Translate. This is an innovative way to incentivize the use of the BitMax platform for traders to earn both investment and mining income.

Instructions to register for BitMax exchange

Step 1: Log in to BitMax.IO exchange enter your Email, Stick tick the box “I have read and agreed to .” Terms of Services” Then Click Signup

What is BitMax?

Step 2: The floor will send a verification email to your account, you need to log in your email to get 6 bold numbers in the email.

What is BitMax?

Enter the code and click ok

What is BitMax?

Step 3: Enter the password and re-enter the password for the BitMax account. Please choose a strong password of at least 8 characters with uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers or special characters for safety. And like that successfully registered, you log in and prepare to see its interface

What is BitMax?

Successfully registered BitMax exchange account, now proceed to log in with the newly created Email and Password.

Step 4: KYC and secure by 2FA

Please hover your mouse over the email and select Account Verification to KYC.

What is BitMax?
Bitmax exchange KYC

Fill out the following information:

  • Country or Region: Vietnam
  • Last name: Your name
  • First name: Your last name
  • Card Type: Choose Passport or National ID (ID)
  • ID/Passport No: Passport number or ID card number
  • Then press NEXT

What is BitMax?

Then scroll down to the google 2FA section, click Settings to install it

What is BitMax?

Upload a photo of your ID card

  • 01 photo of the front of the ID card
  • 01 photo holding ID card and signature

Above, Bitcoin Magazine guides you how to register for Bitmax exchange, and shows you how to verify KYC and secure 2FA on BiMax exchange.

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What is Upbit? Learn about Upbit exchange
What is Tradingview? Tradingview User Guide for Beginners
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What is Upbit? Learn about Upbit exchange

San Upbit La Gi, History of San Ubit

Country: Korea

Year of establishment: September 2017

Current total capitalization: Over 1 billion 100 million dollars

What is Upbit?

Upbit is built and operated by Fintech Dunamu, a subsidiary of Kakao Corp., which owns the chat application Kakao Talk, which is currently the largest messaging application in Korea. Kakao Talk is now used on 95% of smartphones in Korea.

What markets and coins does Upbit support?

During this time, Upbit exchange is supporting many different coins such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), ..and many more. Upbit’s ultimate goal is to allow trading of more than 111 different coins from 167 different markets to help Korean investors integrate into the world market.

Upbit exchange mainly supports virtual currency trading pairs with BTC, USDT, ETH. In particular, BTC/USDT/ETH pairs, .. are traded on the market through Upbit’s exclusive partner Bittrex, one of the largest virtual currency exchanges in the world.

San Upbit La Gi, History of San Ubit

Features of Upbit exchange

Support multiple platforms:Users can use Upbit on Android and iOS, as well as on laptops or desktops through its website. Upbit’s website will have many good articles on how to invest coins as well as professional analysis articles on many different altcoins.

High security:Upbit provides very good security features such as email, 2-layer security (2FA)

Safe e-wallet:Upbit users will be provided with an internal digital wallet called Bitgo along with Kakao Pay authentication layer to enhance security for stable transactions.

24/7 support:Upbit supports users with Kakao Talk, the largest chat application in Korea

Multiple Coins Support:Upbit supports a lot of Coins, specifically more than 110 coins, Upbit exchange has signed an exclusive partnership with Bittrex, which is a digital currency exchange that supports more than 190 coins.

Low transaction fees:Upbit has an extremely competitive transaction and withdrawal fees, from 0.05%

What is the transaction fee on Upbit exchange?

The prices of coins on Upbit exchange are calculated according to UTC international standard time, which makes the value of coins on the exchange directly compared with the prices of that coin in foreign markets.

In Upbit exchange, it is divided into 2 markets, one is trading in the Korean currency market, abbreviated as KRW (Won), the other is trading in the segment of commonly used coins such as BTC. , ETH, USDT

San Upbit La Gi, History of San Ubit

Up to now, Upbit has not encountered any scams and has never been attacked by Hackers. Since Upbit is a part of Kakao Corp – one of the companies that are likened to internet giants in Korea, the security of users’ accounts as well as the system is very good.

Above is a brief introduction about Upbit floor, the basic features of the floor. Good luck

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What is Filecoin (FIL)? | Bitcoin Magazine
What is BitMax? | Review of BitMax exchange
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What is Filecoin (FIL)? | Bitcoin Magazine

Instead of trusting one company to provide documents, they can be broken down and saved around the world on different computers.

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to rent spare storage space on their computers. Likewise, anyone can buy storage on the network.

Filecoin’s ICO raised $257 million in 2017.

By allowing anyone in the world to join the network, it can create a huge data store. As more and more systems become computerized, it will be necessary to meet the growing demand.

It was created by Protocol Labs, headed by Juan Benet, a scientist and computer engineer.

What are the benefits of using Filecoin?

Filecoin has several advantages over centralized data storage solutions. These include:

💰 Cost – By creating a larger free market for data storage, this will reduce fees.
📈 Scale – Bringing together millions of computers around the world creates a massive storage network.
🌍 Economy – Instead of building new storage computers, Filecoin uses existing resources.
🔒 Secure – While Dropbox and iCloud have been hacked, a decentralized network means there is no single point of attack, making it harder to break in.


Some potential problems with Filecoin are:

🚗 Speed ​​– Instead of accessing one server, it needs to access multiple servers to stitch together documents when required. This depends on the server that is online and the speed of the Internet.
📵 Dapp – By processing transactions in the Filecoin cryptocurrency, it creates a barrier to entry, as someone has to buy another coin and exchange it to use the service.

Is Filecoin safe?

Saving your documents on someone else’s computer is risky. However, Filecoin splits the data, like shredding it, so no one can piece it together. However, it knows how the data fits together and reorders when required.

This means that it is not possible to simply hack documents on a computer and gain access to the user’s files. If they try to hack it, they will just find a stream of meaningless data.


Filecoin isn’t the only company solving the problem of decentralized data storage. Several others have already started taking action.

  • Siacoin already has over 500 hosting providers with a capacity of 3.9 petabytes or 3,900 terabytes. Its cryptocurrency is now tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Storj has launched the private alpha of its decentralized storage platform, which is expected to launch in early 2019. Its cryptocurrency STORJ is also live.

How to mine Filecoin

Miner Filecoin consists of three different types.

  1. Storage miners who are responsible for storing data on the Filecoin network
  2. Retrieval miners who are responsible for retrieving files
  3. Miner repair, still not done.

Storage miners will earn Filecoin by storing customer data and providing proof of this storage over time. In contrast, retrieving miners earn Filecoins by bidding and mining fees for a particular file, determined by market value.

Where to buy Filecoin?

Filecoin’s mainnet has been work in October 2020. After the launch, several exchanges committed to listing Filecoin. Binance has announced that it will list Filecoin with FIL/BTC, FIL/BNB, FIL/BUSD, and FIL/USDT trading pairs. Other exchanges that list FIL include Gemini, Kraken, KuCoin, and Huobi.

The Filecoin mainnet is new, so at the time of writing, there is no set price. Prior to the launch, 19 crypto exchanges and markets including Poloniex, BKEX, Bitforex and Bione allowed users to trade using Filecoin IOU, a pre-launch token.

Until the price discovery process takes place, it is impossible to determine how much Filecoin will cost.

The future of Filecoin

Cloud storage providers like Amazon and Google make a lot of money. This shows that the demand in the market is huge.

If customers decide to trust decentralized services, they could find themselves saving a lot of money. This money will also go back into the economy as it will go to individuals and small businesses, which can have a significant positive impact on people’s lives.

Mr. Teacher

According to Decrypt

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What is IQ.Cash? What is IQ?
What is Upbit? Learn about Upbit exchange
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What is IQ.Cash? What is IQ?

IQ.Cash (IQ) is the first coin created specifically for investors, traders and miners. Its mechanism is developed to share profits among miners as a reward for transactions and block generation, operated by IT experts and Masternodes of private investor owners, with 3,000 deposit as a commission supports the creation of the server system for quick payments.

IQ coin is done in a profit sharing manner, 57% is divided among masternode owners (server with deposit) and 43% to miners respectively. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) adds an additional 6% which is reserved to share with the people helping to develop the project or simply thaw once a month.

What are masternodes created for? To keep things simple, here are the assistant servers that allow the coin to work for quick payments in the blockchain system. To create such a server, the owner must “rent directly from the camera and deposit IQ”. Its server cost can vary from $1 to $4 per month. You must have a deposit of 3,000 IQ for the investment to work. The system will block the deposit, so from that point on, the system will transfer the reward for your support to the project, which can be spent or used to create a deposit and machine. new owner. A server and a deposit make up the masternode.

In case you don’t care about profits, you can unblock deposits and trade at any of the seven listed exchanges. Currently, the passive income is 200-300% a year, but the larger the masternodes, the smaller the commission because the rewards are limited and equally divided among all participating investors. The more people are willing to deposit, the more the coin’s price increases on exchange, resulting in higher trading profits.

Tailor-made for investors

Create masternode in 1 click

You no longer need programming skills to create a masternode; the system will do everything automatically. You just need to buy 3000 IQ.Cash and pay 1.99 EUR server rental per month.

Liquidity increases continuously

IQ is constantly being listed on exchanges of all countries, thus increasing the liquidity of this coin and its geographical reach.

Profitability up to 200%

By far, it has one of the highest rates of return.

Features of IQ

18 years in financial markets

The coin developer is Finexpo – a large multinational company with more than 18 years of development.


The network says it is not capable of creating influential, dominant websites to other members of the network.

Influence on this coin is also excluded as their issuance is limited and provides no emission potential.⁠


Cryptocurrency now has millions of active users in the world and the number continues to grow rapidly!

The user’s account cannot be blocked and no one can access the funds except its owner.

ASIC Resistance

The technology solves the important problem of increasing the complexity of the network when using ASICs.

The network uses the NeoScrypt algorithm to solve this problem.

Transaction speed

High-speed transactions are guaranteed by instant data exchange (InstantSend) throughout the network. The transaction time is about 5 seconds.


The anonymity of the transactions in the system is provided by the PrivateSend algorithm.

Users can fully trust the system. They don’t have to worry about third-party access to the data, as the system securely encrypts the data when transferring and receiving content.

Development roadmap


  • Listed on HitBTC, BitForex, Bithumb Global, Consbit, Mercatox, P2PB2B
  • Partnership with StakeOfStake, Flits, Gentarioum, zCore
  • Create a mobile wallet on Android / iOS


During June and July, open a crypto game service and distribute the income from it to all mobile IQ nodes.


  • Listed on KuCoin, BitFinex, Bitrex, Exmo, Indodax, BitBay,, BINANCE
  • Mobile App Development for Masternode Creation and IQ Payment
  • Payment integration in, TradersFair, Millonaire Bazaar, Millionaire Club and Masters.


Bitcoin and many other traditional cryptocurrencies only reward miners, ignoring the rest of the network who play an equally important role in the network. pays attention to the rewards for investors – masternode server owners. Currently, 57% of the block reward is allocated from investors to masternode holders, 43% to miners, and the remaining 6% is bounties for those involved in the development of the project.

You can see the IQ price here.

According to AZCoin News

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What is Bytom Coin? What is BTM?
What is Filecoin (FIL)? | Bitcoin Magazine
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What is Bytom Coin? What is BTM?

Bytom (BTM) is a public blockchain platform created to connect, manage and solve problems related to digital assets with real assets. Bytom’s mission is to create a bridge between the digital world and the physical world, building a decentralized network where digital assets are registered and exchanged with other physical assets.

What is Bytom Coin?

Bytom’s aim is to become the world’s largest public blockchain platform, helping to connect different types of assets to the blockchain, in order to improve the liquidity, security and value of these assets.

BTM Coin is the main cryptocurrency used to pay for trading activities and services on the platform, such as asset management fees, asset transaction fees.

Features of Bytom (BTM)

Bytom uses the UTXO . model allows verification of multiple transactions at the same time. Bytom’s UTXO model consists of 3 layers: the data transaction and transport layer, the contract layer, and the asset interaction layer. The contract layer and the asset interaction layer operate under an open contract (also known as a call contract – a contract with open terms, allowing participants to claim good terms for themselves). The data transaction and transport layer is compatible with Bitcoin’s UTXO model and data transmission for the highest speed with the best security. The UTXO model allows for parallel processing of transactions. As a result, the processing of transactions becomes lighter compared to Ethereum. Besides, Bytom also has a lightweight verification mechanism. Users only need to verify the transactions involved instead of the entire blockchain. The whole process is done via Merkle proof.

Use the generic address format: The common address formats BIP32, BIP43 and BIP441 used in the platform to facilitate the design of Bytom wallets are the same as the address format used to design Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for multi-currency support, multi-account, multi-address and multi-key with Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (HD wallet).

ASIC-compatible PoW consensus: Similar to Bitcoin, Bytom allows ASIC mining through a separate proof-of-work. Bytom blockchain PoW is designed to be compatible with AI ASIC chips. It allows matrix computation to be fed into the Hash function so that miners can use AI hardware acceleration services.

Standard property naming using ODIN: The naming of assets will follow standards created specifically in the platform called ODIN (Open Data Index Name) to ensure the uniqueness of assets throughout the blockchain network. ODIN is based on Bitcoin’s blockchain and supports other blockchains (such as public blockchain, federated blockchain, private blockchain) through multi-level markup. ODIN uses blockchain height as the naming standard instead of string literals.

Distinctive transaction signature: In Bytom’s design, a protocol called DLT allows interaction between multiple asset classes. Multiple blockchains using the same protocol can exist independently and can be exchanged across chains, which creates different interactions in the same format. And to ensure the safety of assets, the platform creates a separate signature to make transactions in Bytom.

Development team

The Bytom project was launched in January 2017 and is based in China, the development team includes the leading names in the blockchain technology industry:

What is Bytom?

Changjia: He is the founder of 8BTC – one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites in China. He is also an award-winning science fiction author and co-author of the first Chinese-language book on Bitcoin, “Bitcoin: A Real Yet Virtual Financial World (2014)”. ).

LangYu: Holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Xidian University. Also a systems engineer at Alipay from 2012 to 2014. He joined 8BTC in 2014 to develop the Bitcoin data center system,

In addition, there are a number of other notable members include:

Li Zhongcheng: He holds a master’s degree in technical economics from Zhejiang Gongshang University. He used to work at Zhejiang International Business Co., Ltd. and Codi Capital Group and joined 8BTC in 2017. He has many years of experience in investment and finance.

Qu ZhaoXiang: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. He started working at 8BTC in 2014 as COO. He is also one of the authors of the 2014-2015 Cryptocurrency Development Report.

Guo Guanghua: He worked at ARRIS GROUP for many years. Previously, he was a Java developer at Cryptape Inc. Guo is one of the developers of the Trust Automation team. In addition, he is also the developer of the intelligent digital drafting system of Zhongchao Smart Card Research (Zhongchao Smart Card Research Institute).


Bytom is a platform that can make the data processing of physical and digital assets easy and fast. At the same time, it provides users with the ability to create and exchange many assets that were previously not tradable through traditional finance.

If the goal is achieved, Bytom will be one of the most important platforms in the field of asset digitization. However, projects that are highly focused in the future may be a barrier for investors at the moment.

According to AZCoin News

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What is Ardor? What is ARDR?
What is IQ.Cash? What is IQ?
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What is Ardor? What is ARDR?

What is Ardor?

Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider. It provides the blockchain infrastructure for businesses and organizations to take advantage of blockchain technology without having to invest in developing custom blockchain solutions. Instead, Ardor provides a main chain that handles blockchain security and decentralization. It provides ready-to-use customizable substrings, out of the box, for various business applications.

The developers of Ardor are the same company behind the open source Nxt project. Ardor goes beyond Nxt to address the critical issues of blockchain bloat, scalability, and customization.

First, we should take a detailed look at Ardor, its foundation at Nxt, and its first subchain project, Ignis. While the project has a lot of potential to advance blockchain as a service to new levels of availability and accessibility, its success depends on how much traction the development team can generate for the future. early applications. Nxt has struggled to get the wide acceptance that developers had hoped for, outside of a few key examples like BNP Paribas and Accenture, and Ardor offers a turning point for the development team to generate excitement. encourage.

To understand Ardor, you need to know about Nxt

Before we dive into what makes Ardor unique, it’s worth taking a look at the Nxt platform and its origins. Ardor has earned the nickname Nxt 2.0, because it relies heavily on Nxt core programming. In fact, Ardor will contain almost all the features of Nxt plus additional advanced capabilities.

Nxt started in 2013 and was one of the first ICOs ever to launch a cryptocurrency. Although the initial ICO only raised $6,000 in donations, the Nxt founders stuck with the project. Nxt was one of the first projects to write new blockchain code from scratch, without borrowing any code from Bitcoin. Its open source code is written in Java and it is also the first blockchain to fully implement proof of stake.

Nxt is designed for testing and the goal is to enable companies and other entities to implement their own blockchain solutions using APIs, create new coins on the Nxt blockchain and even clone / edit the source code Nxt. The development team has created different functions that can be activated when a new token is created. These include asset creation, trading, blockchain voting, and market creation. Nxt strives to make it easy for companies and organizations to create new tokens and start using them right away.

Problems with Nxt

Nxt is a respected, verified and established blockchain technology with a relatively long history and an experienced development team. However, as blockchain usage increases in the coming years Nxt and other blockchain technologies will face some fundamental issues with payments, scalability, and customization.

Original Token

The first and simplest issue is the use of native tokens for transaction fees. Nxt uses a tamper proof of stake system, which means the total supply of tokens has been created and new tokens cannot be generated with each block.

Instead, those who verify blocks receive a portion of the transaction fees paid on the network. As such, transaction fees need to be paid in NXT. Even if you created a new currency that is independent of Nxt, you still need to own NXT to pay miners, diluting the value of your coin. The same is true for currencies that use the Ethereum protocol, ERC20 to build on top of the Ethereum blockchain. They pay fees in Ether.

Blockchain Bloat

Most blockchain technologies, including Nxt, are also experiencing some form of blockchain bloat. The root of this bloat is the need to download the entire history of the blockchain to run a full node on the network. The storage requirements to operate a full node increase as more transactions take place.

Soon, running a node on the blockchain can mean downloading hundreds of gigabytes of transaction data to get your node up and running, creating a serious bottleneck for adding new nodes. While Nxt has implemented some pruning that is involved in verifying transactions, the system downloads a complete copy of the transaction history which is not permanent.

Customization issues

Blockchain as a service solution that incentivizes customization, new asset creation, and trading platforms faces a challenge when it comes to helping customers maintain their systems. While it is relatively simple to create a copy of the Nxt blockchain, doing so will also require separate servers and ongoing maintenance to keep the custom system running smoothly.

Replica will lag behind security protocol and software updates, and Nxt will have to invest too much effort in providing ongoing support for custom solutions based on Nxt.

How Ardor works and solves those problems

Ardor includes every feature supported by the Nxt blockchain, but it changes the architecture of how new blockchains are implemented. It separates security from functionality by creating multiple chains. The Ardor main chain is a thinned-down bare-bones blockchain built for speed and security.


When you want to do a new project on Ardor, you create something called a substring. The substring contains all functions and customizations supported on Nxt. However, it is still linked to the main chain and derives security and decentralization from using the main chain for verification.

This new structure allows to implement substrings and features in minutes or hours. Since the blockchain infrastructure is already in place with the Ardor main chain, the subchain can quickly adopt custom use cases. These subchains still receive all the speed, security, and usability upgrades of the main chain, as they are all integrated on one platform.

Transaction pruning

Ardor solves the problem of blockchain bloat with a transaction pruning system. In the future, it won’t be a package to keep a complete copy of the transaction history, only recent transactions involved have brought the blockchain to this point. Ardor will also support active storage nodes to keep a full transaction history if needed.

To solve the native token problem, Ardor uses a system of packets, nodes on the network that accept fees paid in subchain tokens. These packages then pay validators to the Ardor main chain in ARDR, essentially acting as a conversion clearinghouse for transaction fees. This means that the end user can initiate a transaction with the child token and pay the transaction fee in the child token.

In theory, users could be unaware of Ardor’s existence. This commitment to infrastructure development is what makes it so difficult for Ardor to generate buzz and press attention. However, if it gains traction, Ardor could be the foundation for endless new blockchain applications.

Ignis: The First Subchain Built on Ardor

To test Ardor’s capabilities and as an example of a working subchain, the Ardor developers created Ignis. Ignis will implement all the customizations coming from the Nxt codebase. Essentially, Ignis is a proof of concept designed to be the first of many subchains on the Ardor platform. The Ignis ICO has raised $15 million in development funding.

In the future, equity trading platforms, digital file transfer services, private enterprise blockchain applications, and other applications may use the Ardor subchain. Ardor’s strengths are its quick time to set up and widely customizable, making it a great choice for companies looking to leverage blockchain without the resources to devote to development. custom.

Coin Supply

There are only nearly one billion ARDR coins in circulation. Because Ardor uses proof of stake instead of proof of work, no new coins will be issued. Proof of stake offers various advantages although it also has some disadvantages.

Transaction history

The ARDR price largely follows the same model as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There was a spike around January 2018 and a gradual decline for the rest of the year.

There was a small increase in the price of ARDR in May 2018. Several events may have caused this peak. There were two ICOs announced on the Ardor platform, and the project also launched a Chinese version of its website, which may have opened ARDR to many Chinese investors.


Ardor is doing some pretty important work when it comes to thinking about new ways to structure blockchain infrastructure and secure. If done correctly, the end result can be a solution that any business can implement. It will require extensive technical expertise or ongoing maintenance.

However, there are now many other development platforms that offer stiff competition for Ardor. The team has a lot of work to do if they want to take the lead.

Ultimately, the next year or two will likely prove to be the most important times for Ardor. If the project can prove itself as a viable development platform for a few key projects, it could prove to be a good long-term bet.


Bitcoin Magazine

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What is ETH’s “10-year value proposition”?
What is Bytom Coin? What is BTM?
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What is ETH’s “10-year value proposition”?

More than 3000 decentralized applications (Dapps) are active on the Ethereum blockchain, according to the State of Dapps. In addition to being the 2nd largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum is also the first platform to create a Dapps nurturing environment.

Meanwhile, DeFi Pulse, a website that publishes DeFi ratings and analytics, has classified DeFi applications based on the value of ETH locked. Needless to say, there are currently several promising projects built on top of Ethereum.

Can other tokens challenge or even surpass ETH?

This was also the subject of a recent survey in which 42 experts were surveyed to derive general perception or popular narrative regarding ETH.

The first part of the survey shows that it is likely that ETH will maintain its position of DeFi dominance for a longer period of time. According to the poll results, more than half (about 56%) of experts have confirmed that ETH will maintain its position of DeFi dominance in the long run. While around 17% offer the complete opposite view that ETH will eventually lose its leadership position, more than a quarter (27%) are uncertain.

The aforementioned poll also looks at coins that are likely to challenge ETH or even surpass it. Out of many competitors, about 15% voted for SOL, 10% DOT, 8% ADA and 3% XTZ. However, the majority (51%) expressed their unconditional support for ETH by voting no coin could topple ETH.


The source: Finder

CoinGecko co-founder Bobby Ong said:

“Many other chains are looking to be the ETH killer. There needs to be a stronger proposition than just trying to beat a layer 1 solution by providing cheaper and faster transactions as Ethereum will soon solve these problems too. Other layer 1 chains need to find unique use cases to have any chance of success.”

Sell, HODL or buy?

The second part of the survey is about the sentiment of the panelists towards this coin, i.e. should sell, HODL or buy ETH?


The source: Finder

About 63% choose to buy and 26% say they will HODL. According to the buy group, now is the right time to add ETH to the portfolio, while the latter group prefers to HODL ETH positions. However, the rest want to short.

Banz Capital CEO John Iadeluca said he belongs to the HODL group.

“While ETH’s price appreciation will begin to slow, its 10-year value proposition continues to grow steadily, despite the necessary periods of decline.”

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According to AMBCrypto

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What is WTF, Airdrop? How to get free cryptocurreny?
What is Ardor? What is ARDR?
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What is WTF, Airdrop? How to get free cryptocurreny?

Money doesn’t fall from the sky… But cryptocurrency does.

What is Airdrop?

Simple answer: it’s literally free coins waiting for you. The method behind the madness of releasing free coins is a decision related to marketing strategy. As a way to spread awareness to a relevant audience of potential investors and supporters of the coin, issuers sometimes conduct airdrops.

Brief history of Airdrop

Coins have been doing this for a while – quite a while since the first Ethereum ICO. If you check your wallet on Etherscan (which I strongly recommend – never open your wallet with your private key just to check your account balance, this is more risky than necessary) , you will know the Token Tracker line. If you see it, there is a token in your account; If you don’t see it, you don’t have any tokens or airdrops yet.

Some ETH wallet owners with wallets with balances in their accounts may have seen this – at times you will see random tokens being added to your Token Tracker. No, it’s not someone who accidentally sent tokens to your wallet address but the coin development team decided to release a small amount of tokens to some Ethereum wallets for promotion.

After receiving the token, the first thing you can do is Google it. Or you can dig deeper by asking someone if they know what the token is. Otherwise you might just ignore it.
Of course, if the user doesn’t care then the airdrop fails. But scenario 1 (Google it) means that you now understand about coins and scenario 2 (ask someone else) is even better because you just told your friends about coins. In both scenarios, the airdrop did its job at a low price (potentially higher if large-scale).

In the end, Airdrops have become more than just marketing. As a method to pump the value of coins, issuers will announce airdrops to issue more coins proportional to the total number of coins held by the holders. Investors who want to receive the airdrop have to buy the coins first if they don’t already have them, or buy more if they want to receive a larger percentage of the coins being airdropped. Having said that, I want to emphasize that I will not go into the airdrop strategy in this article, as I focus on the method of getting free coins, not getting more coins by buying them.

Recently, with Facebook’s new advertising policy outlining bans on ICOs, many ICOs have turned to airdrops as an alternative to pay-per-click advertising. With many ICOs being consumer-focused products, they focus on one standard: rapid growth through network effects. In layman’s terms, ICO projects want to spread the word to you and hope you spread the word to everyone around you as well. They do this using a robust referral system method.

Join the Airdrop for free

The tools you need

Here’s what you need to secure airdrops:

1. Ethereum wallet.

not an exchange wallet. It must be an ERC20 compatible private address as most of the tokens being airdropped are ERC20 tokens, Ethereum-based native ICOs. I suggest using MetaMask or MyEtherWallet to get started right away, but in the long run I recommend creating a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S.

2. Ethereum Wallet MUST WORK.

Active I mean you have to represent at least a human being using the wallet. A lot of airdrops do checks in place to make sure you don’t create a bunch of addresses and sign them all up to unfairly get more coins. This means that if your wallet does not show activity, you may not receive the airdrop. Sometimes, coins will have clear criteria for which wallets receive the airdrop, including some type of balance in the account.

3. Telegram account

I’m sure there are many reasons why Telegram is chosen by many ICOs as the ideal chat tool. Issuers want to increase the number of audiences. Usually, when airdrop they will also ask you to register their Telegram account. Until you get the funds in your Ethereum wallet, don’t quit your Telegram account or you risk getting kicked out of the airdrop.

4. Twitter account.

Similar to Telegram account reasons, many companies conducting airdrops will also ask you to follow them on Twitter. Some companies even ask you to ‘retweet’ some tweets.

5. E-mail address.

Sometimes the airdrop also requires your email. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your real email address, create a spam email. Remember your password, as they will probably ask you to confirm your email.

6. Receive and withdraw tokens

Normally, it takes about 1-2 months after the end of the airdrop for you to receive the tokens. This is mainly because many airdrops usually happen before or during the token sale, combining airdrops to promote. And tokens will not be distributed until the end of the token sale.

To check your wallet information and see if the token has appeared in your wallet, visit Etherscan

( Enter your ETH address in the search box.

The red circle is the area you need to see. If the token has entered your wallet, it will show up in the token watchlist. If the token tracking item does not appear in the results, you do not have tokens in your wallet and this also means that you did not receive the token airdrop.

Once you have received your tokens, you can directly withdraw them through a service like My Ether Wallet (MEW). You simply go to your wallet (via MetaMask, Ledger Nano, or otherwise – don’t paste the private key directly) and select the tokens you want to withdraw.

Don’t get scammed (scam)

The many opportunities to get free coins are easy to confuse and make you click crazy. Here are some tips to avoid being scammed:

1. Never send private keys. No one needs your private key to check your wallet account. They can be checked easily with tools like Etherscan.

2. Do not send money to any address. Remember this – the airdrop is free. Whether it requires you to hold a certain amount of coins or if it just shows up in the wallet, the airdrop will never ask you to send any funds to some type of address. If you see such a request, exit immediately.

3. Check the official source. If a coin is doing an airdrop, it is possible that the issuer will announce it on their official social media accounts such as Twitter. Check to make sure the airdrop is official; otherwise you may be scammed by scammers trying to get your data.

If you are now looking for an airdrop to join, check out Cosmic Trading on Discord, they always post about verified airdrops on this channel.

“Moreover, our community is just a bunch of cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts with experience measured in years of trading and “hodl” to beginners. Chat with us and learn from members and staff in the community. The purpose of the community is to help you understand cryptocurrency and crypto investing.

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What is a futures contract?
What is ETH’s “10-year value proposition”?
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What is a futures contract?

What is a futures contract?

A futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller in which the buyer needs to buy (the seller needs to sell) an asset at a preset price and deliver it at some point in the future.


Assets commonly sold in futures contracts include commodities, stocks, and bonds. Nuts, precious metals, electricity, oil, beef, orange juice and natural gas are prime examples of commodities. But foreign currencies, bandwidth, and some specific financial instruments today can also be viewed as commodities in the market.

There are two main types of sellers for this type of contract. Type 1 does not seek to profit through goods but aims to achieve stability in revenue or costs of doing business. Profit or gain will usually offset each other to some extent according to the loss and gain in the market for the underlying physical commodity.

For example, you plan to plant 500 bushels of wheat next year. You can grow wheat and then sell it at any price at harvest, or you can lock in prices by selling a futures contract, whereby you need to sell 500 bushels of wheat at a predetermined price. By locking in prices for the time being, you can avoid the risk of wheat devaluation. On the other hand, if the crop isn’t doing so well and the supply of wheat decreases, prices will likely go up – but you’ll still only get the money you locked into the contract. If you were a bread maker, you would probably buy this futures contract. However, you may be overpaying and (hopefully) underpaying for the wheat based on the price scale when you receive the wheat.

The second type of seller is usually not interested in the underlying asset. They bet on the future value of certain commodities. Therefore, if you disagree with your counterparty that the price of wheat will fall, you can buy a futures contract. If your prediction is correct, the price of wheat rises, you will profit from the futures contract. Type 2 is often criticized for causing prices to go up and down sharply. But they bring liquidity to the futures market.

Futures contracts are standardized, that is, they specify the quality, volume, and delivery of the underlying commodity so that the value is equal to everyone else in the market. For example, each type of crude oil (e.g. light grade) needs to meet certain quality criteria so that crude from one producer is similar to another, and buyers know they are getting it. get something.

The ability to sell futures contracts is based on the payment member, the party that manages the payment between the buyer and the seller. The paying member can be a large bank or financial services company. They insure the contract and, therefore, require the parties to pay a deposit (also known as a margin) to ensure the buyer has enough capital to deal with potential damages. The risk created by the payer makes the contract’s quality, volume and delivery requirements more stringent.


A smart contract is a zero-sum game (one person wins, the other loses). If someone is making a billion dollars, someone is also losing a billion dollars. And this downside is very difficult to limit. Since futures contracts can be sold on margin, meaning the investor buys the contract with a portion of the debt from the broker, the buyer has a strong leverage to buy a contract worth thousands or thousands of dollars. million dollars with very little of his own money.

Furthermore, futures contracts require daily due diligence. That is, if the futures contract is bought on an out-of-the-money margin (you expect the price to rise but the price will fall) on a certain day, the holder of the contract needs to redefine the shortfall that day. . Unforeseen price changes for the underlying asset and marginal usability make futures a risky game that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge, and risk taking.

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What is Target Hash? What is the target hash in Blockchain?
What is WTF, Airdrop? How to get free cryptocurreny?
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