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What is Cardano?

Cardano is the first Blockchain platform developed from a scientific research perspective founded by Charles Hoskinson in 2015.


Cardano is developed by three organizations: IOHK, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo.

While IOHK and Cardano Foundation are responsible for the development of the Cardano platform, Emurgo supports investment in applications developed on the Cardano Blockchain.

Cardano news today:

Development organization:

  • Cardano Foundation: An independent agency based in Switzerland. This agency is responsible for supporting the Cardano user community, working with authorities on legal and commercial matters.
  • IOHK (Input Output HongKong): The blockchain technology company was founded in 2015. Headed by CEO Charles Hoskinson. The company assumes the task of keeping the contract to develop the platform until 2020.
  • Emurg: Business Partner of Cardano. The mission is to support investment capital for startups and support commercial projects built on the Cardano Blockchain.

Cardano’s Technology Vision:

According to the vision of the Cardano development team, the current Blockchain technology needs to be developed to the next level.

Therefore, the team focused on improving the weaknesses and adding what the previous two generations were lacking such as:

  • Ability of extension
  • Interactive abillity
  • Sustainability
  • Administration
  • Process more transactions with low fees and high speed

What problem does Cardano (ADA) solve?

Cardano goes to solve the three big problems of Blockchain including: Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability.


When we think of scalability, we immediately think of transactions per second (TPS). But for Cardano, scalability consists of three elements:

  • Transaction Per Second (TPS): Cardano uses the Ouroboros consensus algorithm, which belongs to the Proof of Stake group.
  • Network: To increase the bandwidth of the network, Cardano uses RINA (Recursive Inter-Network Architecture) technology to divide the network into many subnetworks and these subnetworks can interact with each other if needed.
  • Data Scaling: In order to reduce the data size of each transaction, Cardano is paying attention to two solutions, Subscriptions and Sidechains.


Currently, there are many Blockchain platforms with each other, but these Blockchains cannot communicate and interact with each other.

According to the roadmap, Cardano will have a solution for interoperability between different Blockchains after the Goguen phase.


The sustainability of a Blockchain project is very important, how to balance the interests of the miner/node and the project development organization so that the project can operate stably in the long run.

In this case, the Cardano Foundation will need funding to develop Cardano after IOHK ends its contract in 2020.

Therefore, Cardano is thinking of creating a reserve fund like Dash did. That is to collect a portion of ADA when a new block is generated.

Cardano Development Roadmap:

With Cardano, they divided the development roadmap into 5 different phases, including:

Roadmap Cardano
Roadmap Cardano
  • Byron: The opening phase of Cardano with community development and ADA coin issuance. Regarding the network, it will be operated by designated nodes and the block rewards are burned.
  • Shelley: This phase is when the Cardano network becomes more decentralized and staking is implemented.
  • Goguen: This is where the Cardano network implements smart contracts and sidechains. This means that developers can develop Dapps on Cardano.
  • Basho: Cardano stage optimizes scalability and interoperability between other Blockchains.
  • Voltaire: This is the final piece of the puzzle that makes Cardano a community-driven network. Users will be able to vote, vote to influence the development of the network.

Learn more about Cardano’s Whitepapper: here.

How does Cardano work?

  • Cardano is designed as a “third generation” blockchain that solves the scalability problems of one generation (e.g., Bitcoin) and second generation (for example, Ethereum).
  • According to proponents of this classification, previous-generation blockchains were congested which essentially limited the amount of throughput they could handle. This makes them an ineffective option for worldwide mass use. We can look at BTC and ETH transaction times fluctuating to confirm this.
  • Cardano references VISA’s computing power in their documentation for comparison:
  • The network is reported to process an average of 1,736 payment transactions per second (TPS) with the ability to process up to 24,000 TPS.
  • Cardano aims to improve throughput in a number of ways. One of the most important pillars of this goal is their own Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism called Ouroboros. Ouroboros reduces energy costs compared to Proof of Work (PoW) while providing provable security guarantees.
  • Solution Grade 2 by Cardano for even more extensibility, Hydra, named after the mythical creature of the same name. The idea is that throughput is increased as each new node is added to the network.
  • The hard fork combo is also a key feature of Cardano, allowing for a hard fork without interruption or restart of the blockchain. The success of the Shelley update is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

Token Allocation ADA

The total fixed supply of ADA is 45 billion coins and is distributed by the development team into three parts with the following ratio:

Cardano distribution rate
Cardano distribution rate

Token Sale ADA

The ADA token sale started in September 2015 and ended in January 2017 with nearly 26 billion ADA sold after 5 rounds bringing the total raised to ~$63 million.

Of which, 94.45% were bought by Japanese investors, 2.56% by Korean investors, 2.39% were by Chinese investors…

Detailed information about each round of sales is shown in the table below:

Token Sale ADA
Token Sale ADA

Secure Cardano (ADA) Storage Wallet

You can store ADA on the official wallet issued by Cardano – Daedalus. Currently, Daedalus wallet has just launched a computer version and supports 3 popular operating systems.

Deadalus Wallet
Deadalus Wallet

People can download Daedalus wallet here:

Besides, ADA can also be stored on many wallets developed by third parties such as Ledger, Trust Wallet…

Alternatively, it is possible to store ADA on an exchange REPUTATION supported ADA listing to facilitate transactions.

Disadvantages of Cardano

Although very well developed academically and technologically, ADA has a few disadvantages:

– The Cardano community is not expanding because the development team is mostly interested in academics instead of community development marketing.

Cardano relies on a rather complex governance system. System features must be carefully designed to align incentives and ensure that bad actors cannot manipulate the system and destroy it. What if a group of active users could gain enough power and use the funds for their own benefit? Perhaps this will be improved in upcoming updates.

– Although academically, Cardano is the best technology platform ever, it still needs more time to prove to the international community its benefits.

  • Note: This article is for informational purposes only about Cardano (ADA) at this time and should not be considered investment advice. Investment Cryptocurrency is a form of risky investment, it takes a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to make money from this market. If you are interested in the article please leave a comment below the support team will contact you.

Technical analysis:

Through detailed chart:

The short-term downtrend is starting to show signs of ending and touching the long-term uptrend line creating a sideway at the current price.

This is a good opportunity to wait for the opportunity and capture a long-term bullish wave of Cardano in the near term.

Long term vision:

Year Mid-Year Year-End Tod/End, %
2021 $4.42 $8.81 +677%
2022 $15.01 $16.07 +1,317%
2023 $25.39 $37.66 +3.221%
2024 $41.77 $54.07 +4.668 %
2025 $57.49 $62.46 +5,408%
2026 $53.98 $67.03 +5.811%
2027 $71.95 $79.61 +6.920%
2028 $85.86 $91.52 +7.971%
2029 $105.03 $117.15 +10.231%
2030 $133.93 $153.35 +13.423%
2031 $174.53 $197.54 +17,320%
2032 $222.45 $249.33 +21.887%

If this article brings useful information, please share it with everyone so they can all know.

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