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Monster Grin’s Sci-Fi Creatures Vol. 1 brings you 104 unique tokens of sci-fi species, each usable as PCs, NPCs, mooks, friends, or foes! From alien girls and high-tech flesh-eaters to fuzzy-toothed moz-men, take your game to the stars and into the depths of infinity with Monster Grin’s sci-fi creatures!
This is the first in a series of Sci-Fi Creature token sets by Monster Grin.
The Sci-Fi Creature token sets (and accompanying Creature tokens) are: Star Campaigns, Fantasy Flavour, +10 HP, D&D, Pathfinder, Starward, Four Winds, Sci-Fi Flavour, Monsters and Magic, and Monsters & Mayhem!
Game License:
This product is a Fantasy Grounds game product and is not intended for sale or distribution to consumers. Use in entertainment use only.
Use in Commercial Use:
This product may be used in commercial establishments without special license for use as long as credits and advertisement are not visible to the public. No profit of any kind may be made from this product. This product may not be resold, re-distributed, or used in any way that violates the copyright, trademark, or other rights of Monster Grin, Inc. or any corporation affiliated with it. Monster Grin, Inc. or any corporation affiliated with it reserves the right to revoke the license at any time upon receiving complaint from Monster Grin, Inc. or any corporation affiliated with it.
Download and Usage Restrictions:
This product is protected under the terms of a software license agreement. Downloading the files is a breach of contract. After downloading, a copy of the game file MUST be stored on a non-writeable location on your computer. No transfer of the product to another account, email address, or other location is allowed.
This product is for use by businesses, organizations, and individuals of at least 16 years of age.
Read & Accept:
This Product has been reviewed and approved by Monster Grin, Inc. in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in the Terms & Conditions section of this Product and the necessary licensure requirements.
Contact Information:
Company: Monster Grin, Inc.
Contact Email:


Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack) Features Key:

  • Challenge game using different tokens
  • A wide range of creatures and alien species across the spectrum of science fiction

Game play:

This is an expansion for Fantasy Grounds.

Tokens are miniatures (6 cards on side, numbered 1-6), passport tickets, and elements to describe game events like die rolls, luck, success / failure, and selections.

As tokens are individual piece of a game, use two to fill the combo box in MM/
FR, and use three to fill it in other formats.

Design all classes.

A couple of things you may be accustomed to:

  • Holograph and ishi are no longer considered requirements to play
  • Wizards and alchemist are not counted as spells for all classes
  • Enhanced effects from plugin upgrade add-ons do not apply here
  • * is not recommended to be used in this pack (since the icons are not uniform)


Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack) Crack + Activation Key (2022)

The first volume of sci-fi tokens released by Monster Grin, this pack is the perfect product for an epic sci-fi themed game. Envision an epic struggle where space creatures clash or use the beautiful tokens to depict a myriad of other fantasy creatures. These tokens can be used anywhere in the game, and are compatible with Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 and higher.
For usage in the Freeform or Campaign Rulesets, please follow this link:
Press or contact inquiries, please email us at:
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Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack) Crack + [Mac/Win]

The concept of the ruleset is simple: Fantasy Grounds 3.3.4 can easily be used to generate characters from Monster Grin’s 44 unique sci-fi characters. These characters can be…_received)
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What’s new:

    Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack)

    SKU: KS10

    SKU: KS10






    This is a 5-1/2-inch-by-9-inch spot map board game (based on the fictional Gaming Board in the RPG/Fantasy genre), enabling players to interact with the world of Sci-fi Species. Players play the part of Agents that have been “reprogrammed” into a new existence, as members of a new race, the Sci-fi species. Each player is represented by a deck of Humanity Cards, carefully designed to be played with in direct opposition to the games in the Fantasy Ground series (see Products
    below). Species originate from many worlds of Sci-fi, dating back to the earliest days of flight and space travel. Early species were adapted from animals and craft designed to survive in Space. Other species were created to be able to live in a diverse range of environments on other worlds. Some species have no external features, yet, they survived and thrived in their new homes because of internal adaptations. If you find a species with a full range of limbs, you can be sure that it is one of the species that had every opportunity to evolve and adapt. In other cases, older species on worlds with dangerous environments that they could not adapt to survived more vigorously than once adapted species.

    Additional features include rules for using the Sci-fi Species, additional character cards, colored counters for the species characters, tokens to “mark” the planets of the new races, suggestions for Human/Sci-fi Species skills, guidelines for customizing the kit, half-day and full day reactions.

    This product supports the following engines…

    This product supports the following engines…

    This product supports the following engines…

    It is not compatible with the following engines…

    Sci-Fi Species

    Sci-Fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack)

    An exciting RPG/Fantasy Ground board game designed to encourage all aspects of the Sci-fi genre.


    The Manufacturer states:

    “Sci-Fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack) is an RPG/Fantasy Ground board game designed to encourage all aspects of the Sci-fi genre, from Survival and Adventure to Space and Alien Creatures. This exciting 6-sided


    Free Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack) Crack + With Product Key [2022-Latest]


    How To Install and Crack Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack):

  • Download and Install.
  • Extract Game Files & Install Game
  • Type Keygen Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack).
  • Pasting in the Open Folder.
  • Run Game and Enjoy

About Game Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack):

  • Fantasy Grounds Token Pack
  • Available for new or veteran users
  • Covering 12 new tokens only





Oh Wow Paladin Screenshot

System Requirements For Fantasy Grounds – Sci-fi Species Vol 1 (Token Pack):

Game version: (5)
Minimum PC System Requirements:
Windows 7 (SP1) 64bit/ Windows Vista (SP2) 64bit/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 64bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, AMD Athlon™ 64 x2, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom™, or any CPU/Graphic card that can run a game with default settings, etc.

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