Instructions for using PancakeSwap

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows trading of tokens BEP-20 thanks to the automated market-making protocol AMM.

PancakeSwap Official Website:

The interface of PancakeSwap.

Instructions for trading on Pancakeswap

The picture above is the interface of Pancakeswap exchange, Quite similar to UniSwap and SushiSwap. Therefore, the usage is completely similar.

1. Go to the Pancakeswap website here.

2. Select Unlock Wallet or Connect in the right corner to unlock any Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Select Connect in the top right corner of the interface

Example: Select a Metamask wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain.

3. Select the token you want to trade and enter the amount. Similar to UniSwap, if you can’t find the token you want to trade on the list, you can enter the Contract of that token to display the transaction.

4. Check details and select “Swap”.

5. Check details and select “Confirm Swap”.

6. Select Confirm to confirm transactions in the wallet.

7. After completing the transaction, investors can enter “View on bscscan” to view your transaction details.

Instructions for providing liquidity Pancakeswap

  • NS Pool PancakeSwap Allows developers to provide liquidity by adding existing tokens to liquidity pools (LPs).
  • When adding the token pool (LP), the developer will receive FLIP tokens (the token that represents the liquidity provision of PancakeSwap). For example, if $CAKE and $BNB are deposited into a liquidity pool, investors will receive CAKE tokens – BNB FLIP.
  • The number of FLIP tokens received represents the share of the CAKE – BNB liquidity pool. It is also possible to get your money back at any time by canceling the provided liquidity.

Take the following steps to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap:

1. Select liquidity item here.

2. Select Add liquidity.

3. Select tokens to stake in the pool, For example, choose to stake BNB and CAKE. Then choose Supply.

4. Carefully check the information and select Confirm Supply.

5. Select Confirm To confirm.

6. CAKE/BNB FLIP liquidity token is now available.

Guide to Farming on PancakeSwap

After holding LP token, investors can use it to earn CAKE.

1. Go to the farm section on Pancakeswap here.​

2. Connect the Binance Smart Chain wallet.

Choose Connect in the right corner to unlock the Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

3. Select the Farm that the investor wants to join. Example: choose CAKE – BNB farm.

4. Select Select.

5. Select the button “+” ​ to stake liquidity tokens.

6. Enter the amount of liquidity tokens that investors want to stake and choose Confirm.

Complete the CAKE token farm.

Instructions to join Lottery on Pancakeswap

Specific information

  • A lottery will last 6 hours.
  • Lottery ticket price: 10 CAKE/ticket. When buying tickets, will be given 4 random numbers from 1 to 14.
  • Participation Limit: No limit, investors can buy as many tickets as they want.
  • Prize:
    • If you match all 4 numbers in the correct order, you can get 50% pool lottery.
    • If you match 2-3 numbers in the correct order, you will also have a separate prize.

How to join Lottery on Pancakeswap

1. Join Lottery on Pancakeswap here.

2. Select Approve CAKE.

3. Accept the contract by selecting Confirm in the wallet associated with Pancakeswap.

4. Read the initial notes carefully and choose I understand.

5. Buy tickets by selecting Buy tickets.

6. Enter the amount that the investor wants to buy and press Confirm.

7. Select Confirm.

8. Finish buying lottery tickets and continue to sit and wait for the results.

Instructions on how to earn NFTs on PancakeSwap

Investors can also earn special NFTs with Pancakeswap and exchange them for CAKE.

Here are the steps to join and earn NFT on PancakeSwap:

1. Register to join NFTs here and choose Register for a chance to win.

2. Investors will be randomly selected to receive NFTs.

Instructions to participate in IFO on PancakeSwap

This is a way for investors to buy newly launched tokens through yield farming by staking LP tokens from supporting pools to be granted the right to participate in buying new tokens.

With the outstanding feature that Total commit will be public at the place of sale, IFO has brought PancakeSwap a large number of users with 2 million transactions in a day (April 20), and achieved ATH on all 3 fronts: 24h volume , users and transactions on BSC on the same day.

Note when participating:

  • CAKE-BNB LP tokens are required.
  • When the Token CAKE tokens are equivalent to half of the total fund, they will be burned forever.

Example: If the total allocated capital is $1,000,000 USD then $500,000 CAKE tokens will be burned.

Instructions to join IFOs

Visit the page: to see IFOs projects.

Before sale:

  1. ​Buy CAKE and BNB tokens.
  2. Generate CAKE-BNB LP tokens by adding CAKE and BNB to the liquidity pool.

During the sale: must deposit CAKE-LP tokens to buy IFO tokens.

After the sale ends: click Claim IFOs purchased tokens. The remaining amount will be sent back to the wallet.

If this article brings useful information, please share it with everyone so they can all know.


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