Instructions on how to trade MDEX directly on Coin98 Wallet

Not from the expectations of traders in the Vietnamese and international community, Coin98 Wallet quickly integrated MDEX – A pioneer AMM exchange on the Blockchain platform Huobi ECO Chain to help you seize the opportunity to catch the top. wave for upcoming DeFi trends.

MDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) using AMM mechanism based on the idea of ​​a fund pool that allows you to swap HRC20 tokens, tokens that work on Huobi ECO Chain.

From Coin98 Mobile Wallet Android 8.3.1 and iOS 8.2.2 versions, you can swap MDEX directly on Coin98 Wallet without having to access the app with cumbersome wallet connection operations and costly coin/token search a lot of time.

Download and install Coin98 Wallet

Currently MDEX is available on Coin98 Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS.



Detailed installation instructions here.

Create a Huobi ECO Chain wallet (HRC20)

1. On Coin98 Mobile Wallet

After you have downloaded Coin98 Wallet, create a new HT wallet or import an existing wallet on other wallets into Coin98 Wallet.

Step 1: Open the application, at the main screen click Add Wallet

Step 2: Select Huobi ECO Chain icon and click Create Wallet

Step 3: Enter Wallet name → Create

Step 4:

  • You need to store Passphrase and Private Key, these are two extremely important information, absolutely do not reveal to anyone.
  • Copy the Passphrase or Private Key and paste it into the Confirmation Box.
  • Tick ​​the box “I understand that…” to confirm that you have saved the Passphrase & Private key and select Done.

The Heco wallet after creation will be displayed on the main screen, you can also check it in the Manage section.


2. On Coin98 Extension Wallet

The operation to create a Heco wallet on the Extension version is similar to the operations performed on Mobile Wallet.

Create a new wallet

The steps are similar to the Mobile App interface that Coin98 Wallet instructed above. You can refer to the following illustration:


Restore Wallet (Restore Wallet)

You can restore the wallet created in Coin98 Mobile Wallet or Import Heco wallets from other non-custodial wallets to use on Coin98 Extension Wallet.

The operation is as follows:

Step 1: Select Add Wallet

Step 2: Select the icon of Huobi ECO Chain and click Restore Wallet

Step 3: Enter the wallet name (enter any) and Passphrase or Private Key to restore the wallet → Click Restore Wallet and you’re done.


Any swap chain that stores coins in that chain wallet, such as Uniswap needs an ETH wallet, PancakeSwap needs BEP20, then you must definitely transfer the MDEX to a wallet with the HRC20 chain format to proceed with the next transaction step.

In case you accidentally transfer money to your TRC20, ERC20 wallet, then you have to transfer it back to Huobi and then withdraw the HRC20 token to your wallet.

Prepare HT as gas fee

Huobi ECO Chain uses HT-HRC20 as a gas fee, so you must have HT-HRC20 to be able to perform buy-sell, swap tokens of this blockchain.

Transaction fees on MDEX are extremely cheap, only hovering around 0.000452 HT ~ $0.01 per transaction.

Operations on Coin98 Mobile Wallet or Coin98 Extension Wallet are similar. The following is an example of how to receive HT stored in a mobile wallet.

Way 1

Step 1: Select Receive on the homepage

Step 2: Type HT in the search bar

Step 3: Click on the icon to copy the wallet address or get the QR address


Way 2

After creating the HT wallet, the wallet will be displayed in the list on the main screen

Step 1: Click on HT wallet

Step 2: Select Receive

Step 3: Copy wallet address or use QR code address


Send HT or HRC20 tokens to the address you copied above

Instructions to trade MDEX (HECO Chain) on Coin98 Wallet

Step 1: At the main screen of Coin98 Wallet, you choose Swap

Step 2: Choose MDEX to trade


Step 3: With version X of Coin98 Wallet, you will be provided with 2 options when clicking on the Setting icon in the upper left interface: Basic interface (1) and advanced interface (2).


Next, you need to fill in some information to make a transaction:

  • Select the Token you want to trade from the list: this example will illustrate the trading pair HT with MDX. If you want to Swap other tokens, you just need to select the corresponding Tokens.
  • For new tokens that have not been listed on Coin98 Mobile Wallet, you can paste the Contract and trade as usual.


Step 4: Adjust the drag bar the amount you want to trade. Select Swap to finish.


Note: You can adjust gas and slippage according to your needs by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • The gas fee on Coin98 Wallet has been optimized for users to make fast transactions with the most reasonable cost.
  • Slippage is one of the common causes of swap failures. You can trade with the default slippage on the wallet (2%), or customize it higher to ensure the highest success rate.
  • Approve operation only needs to be done for the first transaction, in the following transactions you just need to click Swap.
  • The arrow in the middle has the function of changing buy and sell positions, you need to pay attention to check carefully to not place the wrong order.


After the Swap is successful, you can return to the main screen to check the traded tokens again or check right at Trade History in the trading interface.


Instructions to trade MDEX (BSC) on Coin98 Wallet


  • Install Coin98 Wallet. If you haven’t installed the app, see the tutorial here.
  • Create a Bep-20 Wallet and deposit BNB and other BEP-20 assets that you want to swap on MDEX into the wallet. See the tutorial here.

Note: Make sure all assets you deposit into BEP-20 Wallet on Coin98 Mobile Wallet are BEP-20 tokens.

Step 1: Connect Coin98 Wallet with MDEX on BSC

  • Select Browser on the main screen
  • Type in the search bar.


Step 2: Swap

  • Select the BEP-20 wallet, by default, Coin98 Wallet will automatically select the active BEP-20 wallet, you can change it.
  • Select a trading pair.
  • Confirm the transaction twice.
  • Select Send.


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