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What is ONE?

ONE is a token in Harmony’s Blockchain network. May 16, 2019 Binance and Harmony have just made an official announcement about ONE Token. Accordingly, ONE Token will initially be built according to BEP standards on Binance Chain.

In June 2019, ONE officially launched its own mainnet to become Coin.

ONE is used for the following purposes:

  • Use to stake and become Validators in the Blockchain network.
  • Validators will receive a reward from their contributions of ONE.
  • Used to pay for network fees, including transaction fees, gas fees, and storage fees.
  • Used to vote for Governances. Without ONE, the protocol will not work.

Basic information ONE today

What is Harmony?

Harmony is a blockchain platform with extremely fast transaction speed (10 million transactions per second) but still ensures security, decentralization and peer-to-peer (P2P).

Built and developed by a 12-person team of 7 engineers from Google, Apple, Amazon and 2 Ph.

Harmony’s purpose is to help businesses build a fair economic ecosystem based on tokens, applying zero-knowledge technology and ensuring user privacy.

Many industries and fields can apply Harmony. From real estate and energy to advertising and credit

Features and Features of Harmony

To achieve the set goal, Harmony has outstanding features and features such as strong scalability and deep application of the solution. Sharding.

Features and Features of Harmony
Features and Features of Harmony

In addition, Harmony also stands out with:

  • BLS (Boneh-Lynn-Shacham) multi-signature application consensus protocol for high scalability.
  • Ensure decentralization with VDF (Verifiable Delay Function).
  • Application Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Adapted for strong network security.

Harmony is not only thinking about throughput efficiency (transactions per second), but also about the number of nodes participating in the decentralized blockchain network. Harmony is taking an approach to adopt innovations in networks, systems and algorithms in the fastest way.

Harmony’s infrastructure can enable different types of decentralized applications and markets, requiring high throughput and decentralization. From the gaming sector, to the decentralized exchange that powers the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) data array.

Harmony’s Solution

To be able to meet his wishes, Harmony has come up with solutions:

  • On the Protocol layer, Harmony uses PoS consensus mechanism based on Sharding Protocol, it can increase the number of nodes on the network.
  • According to the development team, each sharding has hundreds of nodes, using BFT algorithm to be able to set consensus in seconds.
  • Transport Network: On the Network layer, Harmony uses QUIC protocol to help transfer information faster.
  • The technology uses the PBFT OmniLedger consensus mechanism and the QUIC network transmission protocol to provide good security.
  • System Tools: This is a system of tools used by Harmony, to remove unnecessary obstacles in the implementation of the protocol. At this early stage, the dev team is focusing on building Harmony which is a Blockchain for both Fungible Tokens (Energy Credits, Security Offerings) and NFT Token (non-fungible Tokens – collectible tokens in games, real estate, ..)
  • Harmony’s goal is to become a Blockchain platform for dApps to share data, Supply Chain, NFT Token in Game, ..

Harmony project’s development team

ONE Development Team
ONE Development Team
  • Stephen Tse (Founder): With research experience at Microsoft Research, senior infrastructure engineer at Google, lead search engine engineer at Apple. He founded mobile search company Spotsetter with institutional venture capital; Apple later acquired the startup.
  • Alok Kothari: Experienced in deep learning models of natural language understanding at Apple Siri. His research paper won the best dataset award at IWSM 2013.
  • Rongjian Lan: Infrastructure engineer for the Play Store at Google. He has published more than ten research papers on space-time querying and map-based visualization. He is the co-chair of the ABC Blockchain Foundation with more than 100 members who are engineers from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Trausti Kristjansson: Previously participated in Microsoft Research, IBM Research and Google Research, founded startups and led PhD engineers at the top of their field as a Director. Skill.
  • Hakwan Lau: An expert in neuroscience and machine learning. He is an associate professor at Columbia University and has published more than 90 articles in popular journals.
  • Nicolas Burtey: Founded a VR video startup in 2012 with 40 people and raised $10 million. Orah has served the needs of thousands of professional content creators in 70 countries by selling GPU-powered software and 360° cameras.
  • Bruce Huang: Served as top engineer at Microsoft for seven years, director at Alibaba Cloud and at Credit Ease.

ONE project roadmap and updates

Roadmap Harmony
Roadmap Harmony


  • Test network 10 thousand tps (transactions/second) and 10 thousand nodes (nodes).
  • Form the founding team.
  • Network test 118 thousand tps and 41 thousand nodes.
  • Roadshow Asia.
  • Devnet launch.
  • 1.3 second block propagation test.
  • Formed a partnership with Animoca.


  • Whitepaper 2.0.
  • Launch of testnet 1.0 and launch platform nodes.
  • Launch of testnet 2.0.
  • Launch of testnet 3.0.
  • Demo dApps; Lottery, Harmony Puzzle.
  • Launched Efficient Proof of Stake, encrypted token economics.
  • 3000 Pangea Community, 10 Pangea Campaign Captains, 80% external nodes.
  • Mainstage mainstage developer network in Beijing.
  • Thorough transparency in all aspects.
  • 35 million coins staked through mining.

Year 2020:

  • Cross-border utility (out of total transaction fees collected).
  • Bank fiat gateway with China-RMB: India-Rupee, Vietnam-Dong.
  • Decentralized development (with number of validators, contributors, wallets)
  • 100% external network, auto upgrade, chain administration.
  • External collaborators, full transparency, asynchronous communication.
  • Progressive implementation of platform/cash/bonus tokens, widespread social branding.
  • Fraudulent evidence, dubious evidence, secret assets.
  • Dedicated key for one-click migration for EVM applications, integrating and optimizing libsnark.
  • Products & User Experiences Driven by Privacy.

Year 2021:

  • Utility for users through developers and partners.
  • Drive our reach.
  • Build bridges with Bitcoin and Ethereum for broader assets.
  • Enables new financial applications.
  • Grow authenticator community and networking features.
  • External voting and relaunch will ensure long-term governance.

Learn more about the ONE whitepaper: here.

Features of each phase of Harmony’s Testnet

Harmony Testnet 1.0

  • Faster consensus using BLS multi-signature & gossip broadcasting.
  • The staking node on the beacon chain uses a smart contract.
  • Resharding is safe with Cuckoo Rule.

Harmony Testnet 2.0

  • Deploy Solidity smart contracts, demo apps like lottery.
  • Beacon-shard, proof-of-concept synchronized on-chain transaction storage for Verifiable Delay Function (VDF).
  • ECDSA (cold key – cold key – for staking) and BLS (hot key – hot key – for block validation).

Harmony Testnet 3.0

  • Cuckoo-rule resharding with 10% reshuffle and auto-restart of nodes.
  • Shard state initiates new nodes to stake, synchronizes state for beacon chain.
  • Research porting zkproof prototypes like zkDAI and zkERC20 to Harmony.


  • Animoca Brands: global game developer of Garfield, Doraemon and Astro Boy. Harmony partners with Animoca to build ERC721 compatible gaming assets and digital collectibles.
  • Contentos: MAU 60m communication application ecosystem. Harmony is launching apps on the Contentos media ecosystem.
  • GSVlabs: innovation hub for startups. Harmony is partnering with GSVlabs to deploy enterprise-grade solutions on the public blockchain.
  • hBits: tokenizes real estate and gives investors access to earn interest on commercial real estate investments through fractional ownership. Harmony is building a token protocol for hBit real estate token creation and trading.
  • Hyperion: decentralized mapping platform. Harmony provides a decentralized network for Hyperion to build map layers.
  • NoIZ: blockchain advertising platform, reward consumers. Harmony is building a decentralized advertising ecosystem with NoIZ; protect user data privacy and reward users for viewing ads.
  • Piccolo: decentralized database. Harmony is supporting the Picolo database product on top of its protocol.
  • Qokka: tools for predictive analysis and market sentiment. Harmony is working with Quokka on blockchain data analytics.
  • Rymedi: FDA-licensed patient monitoring company.

Harmony Community

Harmony currently has 10 communities in specific countries around the world. And there are plans to grow to 20 communities in some specific countries.

Harmony’s community development in the future:

  • Preparing to launch Harmony Game of Stakes and Mainnet.
  • Crypto Mondays San Francisco (1,000 members) – invites influential and expert leaders.
  • BUIDL Seoul and Cosmos hackATOM.
  • Blockchain Beach Los Angeles and Disruption Disciples, a global event series sponsored by PWC.

Harmony Ecosystem

Token Allocation ONE

Token Allocation ONE
Token Allocation ONE

Token Sale ONE

Token Sale ONE
Token Sale ONE

Token Release Schedule ONE

Token Release Schedule ONE
Token Release Schedule ONE

Ways to store ONE:

  • Soft wallets: Trust Wallet, MetaMask,..
  • Harmony Wallet: One has launched its own wallet, Harmony wallet.
  • Exchange wallets: Binance, Coinbase,…
  • Note:The article is only for the purpose of providing information about Harmony (ONE) at this time and should not be considered investment advice. Investment Cryptocurrency is a form of risky investment, it takes a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to make money from this market. If you are interested in the article please leave a comment below the support team will contact you.

Technical analysis

Experiencing the recent period, ONE has had an extremely strong bounce after nearly 2 years in the accumulation phase, it is predicted that in the coming time ONE is still in a steady uptrend according to the market and is about to enter the phase. second accumulation.

Long-term vision

ONE is a very well-founded cryptocurrency that creates real value for the community in the long-term future ONE will be able to continue to appreciate higher than the current price.

If this article brings useful information, please share it with everyone so they can all know.


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