Reviews of students in the Long-Term Crypto Investment course for Newbies

Course Long Term Crypto Investment for Newbies is still in the training process for 3 years, it is certain that with the trust, companionship, comments and suggestions, feelings from you and fellow students, the course will become more and more complete and successful. again. The students shared that they found themselves breaking the truth as they went deeper into the course, helping to see investment strategies with clear advantages and managing risks.

  • Students who have lost a lot of money in the financial market, especially crypto, when entering, they feel absorbed in every sentence and lesson of Mr. Nguyen Duc Hieu.
Mr. Nguyen Minh Than shared: In this class, I learned that the capital used to invest in this market is very important and patience to get results is not simple at all. Experience all sorts of emotions in the rising and falling markets. Do you sometimes doubt yourself whether you are on the right track or not? And after the lessons you shared in the past, I determined that this market has to go for a long time to fully understand. And allocate capital properly. Waiting for the day to pick the sweet fruit. Thank you very much sir. And Mr. Nguyen Nhan shared: From the day I returned to the BTC family, I really understood the nature of the market and determined my own position… Nothing is easy, to reach success must experiencing lessons of patience, fighting with myself… In short, it’s a long journey that I know not everyone can do. Thank you teacher. – Feelings of financial students
Duong Van May shared: I quit my job for 5 years but still lost money because I don’t understand the market. Really know Mr. Hieu for letting me understand, thank you to all the members of the Group, thank you very much!!! – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Phuong Nguyen shared: Whatever he said, he felt that he had experienced it before. Fortunately, I realized a little bit and went to find knowledge. Thank you universe for letting me know your class. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Ms. Le Thuy shared: It took forever to know this class! Thank you teachers and brothers and sisters! – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
  • Many students have found themselves very lucky to have known him Nguyen Duc Hieu through courses.
Mr. Nguyen Nhan shared: I understand the value of your enthusiasm when I first came here…So $1000 here is nothing compared to the value I received back…Thank you for everything. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Mr. Lam Manh Hung shared: Do you consider yourself lucky to be here, Thank you teacher Hieu, both passing on knowledge and constantly reminding you to keep your faith. Mr. Quang Vinh and Mr. Tran Hung also responded with gratitude to Mr. Hieu: Thank you for your valuable sharing. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Alice Nguyen shared: A year upside down with finance, all those things I went through, also bought and sold again, then hold to die, then deleted from the floor. I also went from group to group… a lot. Grateful to life for meeting the right teacher, grateful for the good and cold conditions. And Ms. Thanh Tam shared: So I am also a lucky person, got cheated once at a traditional financial company, if you want to learn to invest in coins, you will always meet Mr. Hieu, someone will lead you in the right direction. attitude is always steady. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Lucy Nguyen shared: I was lucky to meet you, because the day I was introduced by a friend to join your class, I was losing 1BTC and 106ETH but didn’t know I lost it. I thank you for your advice, support and mental reassurance to guide me step by step and I finally got my property back! Recently, the spirit has not been completely calm, so studying is still lazy, from now on, I will try to study and follow your instructions! – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
  • Since following courses at Financial Investment Academy, the students have basic knowledge, gradually understand the nature of this financial market, with the guidance of Mr. Nguyen Duc Hieustudents are more and more confident with their financial decisions.
Huy Tran shared: I just joined this market for the first time, only 3 months, and had a greedy desire to eat a whole big wave, not a few small waves. Fortunately, this first time had a real leader. I thank you very much. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Anna Baby shared: I haven’t met the teacher yet, I don’t know what part of the world I’m lying in right now. But having a teacher helps her to have great confidence in financial decisions because she already has the background knowledge to manage risk. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Ms. Doan Thi Ngan shared: Thank you for always following the team! If you don’t have money, sit back and study! – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Lucy Nguyen shared: Actually, looking at the account this morning, there was a little ripple. If she hadn’t had the chance to meet the teacher and siblings in this class, Ha would not have been able to stand still like this! Very lucky to join this long-term financial investment class. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course

Phuong Nguyen shared: Before entering the class, this market is panic, after learning is optimistic. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
  • There are many students who regret a lot and lose a lot of money because of financial games because they don’t know their teacher Nguyen Duc Hieu and these courses soon.
Mr. Bui Thien Huu, Mr. Huy Tran share the experience of losing money because of participating in groups of Western feather groups
Anh Linh shares the experience of losing money, the teacher advises: don’t blame them, blame yourself, for lack of real knowledge and experience, only then can you grow up.
  • In addition to the web-based course Financial Investment Academy, teacher Nguyen Duc Hieu regularly updated daily, hourly in Telegram Private Group, leading students to accompany the market for 3 years. Providing analysis and thinking for people to gradually experience and learn how to identify the market methodically, and this is also a place to exchange and learn from other investors with great experience and capital.
Mr. Bui Thien Huu shared: The value in this chat group (Training Telegram Group). The teacher appeared at the right time, at the right time. – Reviews of students in financial investment courses
  • New students not only get teachers Nguyen Duc Hieu instructor, but also considered by other members of the course in all parts of Vietnam as brothers and sisters, most of the students in the class. Financial Investment Academy All of them “lost money” from the financial market, perhaps it is this similarity that strangers have become close, willing to share what they’ve been through, support, exchange experiences, and work together. learn from each other, create a community that connects many people who are passionate about financial investment. Not only chatting with each other through online channels, the students also had offline sessions in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to exchange knowledge, share Mid-Autumn Festival charity with the social community and join hands to support the people in the Central region. stormy…
When new students joined, everyone enthusiastically shared. Mr. Duc Nguyen: Stay strong, I think meeting you is a very lucky thing for me. I believe you too, let’s try. Mr. Nguyen Tien Ngoc: Just take it slow, it’s not day 1 and 2 every day. Learn a little bit and gradually it will know. If you have any problems here, just ask. We are a family together to learn, develop ourselves and the money will come by itself. The first thing is to load knowledge. The new student feels excited because everyone is interested: I see you and Ngoc, so I believe I will find opportunities, so I asked the teacher to let me follow. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Mr. Gia Huy expressed his gratitude to the teacher: Thank you brother for creating a meaningful class to help siblings study together, mingle together, and get results together. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
  • This course brings a lot of value because not only are they loaded with background knowledge, but students are also taught by the teacher Nguyen Duc Hieu practice skills, experience to gradually understand the nature of this financial market, make the right judgment, choose a good position to participate in financial opportunities.
Mr. Nguyen Tuan shared: Attention brothers and sisters. Knowing is one thing, doing it or not is another. There are also a lot of people out there who know how sharks push the price of stocks and crypto, but still sml a bunch. And there are dozens of classes out there that say 1-to-1 crypto coaching for 6 months for $1000-2000 just so that students know the trading techniques and end up losing money or not getting much. That’s why there is a long-term Crypto Investment class of up to 3 years of Mr. Hieu. Really grateful sir! – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
  • There are many students following the teacher’s direction Nguyen Duc Hieu, reaping the initial results, feeling proud because of having the knowledge and being guided with the right mindset to be able to master the financial games.
Mr. Duc Nguyen shared: Thank you very much. I follow you, now x5 accounts already. And what is more important is the knowledge and experience the teacher has given. Thank you very much teacher. – Reviews of students in the financial investment course
Ms. Lucy Nguyen from a person who did not know how to create a wallet on Binance, asked an acquaintance to create it for her and almost lost her coin because of trusting them, now she is an excellent student, reaping xx assets from crypto. – Feelings of financial investment students

And the 3-year training journey of this course is still continuing, if you want to become part of the BTC GROUP family, connect with the community that is passionate about financial investment to learn knowledge and experience. the most realistic in the financial market, do not hesitate to click on the registration form to accompany us.

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