The Ultimate Guide to CoinMarketCap

What is Coinmarketcap?

CoinMarketCap is a website that tracks most of the coins being listed on the market, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin… allowing users to update the current value of each coin. At the same time, the website also shows the number of coins in circulation, the trading volume within the last 24 hours, the change in value within 24 hours expressed as a % of the value as well as the market capitalization of the coins. specific coin.
This information is updated continuously and most accurately so that users can easily monitor coin price movements. Coins are ordered based on real-time total market capitalization, not by the coin’s price movement.

Basic Information on CoinMarketCap

Total Market Cap

Total Market Cap is the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. This gives you an idea of ​​the current size of the entire cryptocurrency market.

On January 7, 2018 the total cryptocurrency market capitalization hit its first peak at $800 billion.

Until now in March 2021, the market capitalization is reaching more than 1800 billion USD.

Crypto Market Cap
Crypto Market Cap

However, if you compare the above figure with other markets such as gold, forex, stocks, etc.

Investors may find that this market is too small and still has a lot of room for growth in the future.

Category Value ($Billions, USD) Source
silver $44 World Silver Survey 2019
Global Military Spending $1,782 World Bank
CryptoCurrentcy $1,813 CoinMarketCap2021
US Federal Deficit (FY 2020) $3,800 US CBO (Projected, as of April 2020)
Coins & Bank Notes $6,662 BIS
Fed’s Balance Sheet $7,037 US Federal Reserve
The World’s Billionaires $8,000 Forbes
Gold $10,891 World Gold Council (2020)
The Fortune 500 $22,600 Fortune 500 (2019 list)
Stock Markets $89,475 WFE (April 2020)
Narrow Money Supply $35,183 CIA Factbook
Broad Money Supply $95,698 CIA Factbook
Global Debt $252,600 IIF Debt Monitor
Global Real Estate $280,600 Savills Global Research (2018 est.)
Global Wealth $360,603 Credit Suisse
Derivatives (Market Value) $11,600 BIS (Dec 2019)
Derivatives (Notional Value) $558,500 BIS (Dec 2019)
Derivatives (Notional Value – High end) $1,000,000 Various sources (Unofficial)

source: money.visual capitalist

How to calculate the capitalization of 1 Crypto coin:

Market Cap = Price x Circulating Supply


  • Market Cap: Market capitalization.
  • Price: Current price.
  • Circulating Supply: Total number of coins circulating in the market.


BNB . capitalization
BNB . capitalization

To calculate the current capitalization of Binance (BNB): we have the current price for 1BNB is $272.15, the total number of LINKs circulating in the market is 154,532,785 BNB. We will calculate the current capitalization of BNB as:

$272.15 x 154,532,785 = 42,056,097,437.75 (about over 42 billion USD).

The importance of market capitalization

The capitalization of a coin is very important because it tells you the total amount invested in that crpto coin at the moment. This is one factor that will probably influence your investment decision in that cryptocurrency.

For example, BNB has a market capitalization of over $42 billion. The way for BNB to double its capitalization is to raise another $42 billion. So is there any money inflow for BNB to do that?

24h trading volume

24h Trading Volume (Vol 24h) represents the total trading volume of the entire cryptocurrency market in a day and is expressed in USD.

At the same time, when looking at the transaction volume of any crypto coin. Investors will know if the liquidity of that cryptocurrency is high or low, is it worth the investment or not.

Note the trading volume
Note the trading volume

For cryptos with low 24-hour trading volume, it is not recommended to invest because the level of liquidity is very low. Investors will not be able to liquidate their money back. Advice is not to invest in such cryptocurrencies.

BTC Dominance

BTC Dominance is an indicator that shows the dominance and influence of Bitcoin over the entire market.

It also shows you the market capitalization movement.


Let me give you an example for your understanding:

For example, the market cap is at $1800 billion and the BTC Dominance index is at 52%.

If in the future the total market capitalization remains the same, but the Dominance ratio of BTC decreases compared to the current price, it proves that money is starting to flow towards Altcoins.

CoinMarketCap Update on DeFi

Currently DeFi is a very new trend of the community, with that interest CoinMarketCap has added some new information including:

Separate projects into separate segments for investors to easily follow including Derivatives, DeFi and Yield Farming.

For Derivatives and DeFi projects, investors should also be aware of the information mentioned above.

Particularly for Yield Farming projects, it is necessary to find out the following information: Total Value Locked, Impermanent Loss and APY.

CoinMarketCap & DeFi
CoinMarketCap & DeFi

Total Value Locked

Total Value Locked, abbreviated as TVL, can be understood as the total amount of money that has been locked in a platform, which can simply be understood as the amount that liquidity providers deposit into a certain protocol.

TVL may reflect a user’s level of interest in a given platform. The more TVL value, the more development of the DeFi sector can be seen.

You can use Total Value Locked to compare market shares between DeFi protocols.

There was a time when DeFi’s TVL hit the $1 billion mark when the market was extremely hype.


APY is an acronym for Annual Percentage Yield, which is defined as the total amount of interest you earn in a year.

In Yield Farming protocols, you can lend your money and receive APY interest back, depending on each protocol, the APY rate is also different.

Instead of you having to search for each protocol that provides Yield Farming services, CoinMarketCap has made an APY aggregator page of pools in protocols for you to easily compare interest rates.

Impermanent Loss

Impermanent loss is considered one of the risks when you participate in DeFi.

It happens when you provide liquidity to the liquidity pool and when the market fluctuates, the assets you deposit into the pool also change compared to before.

The greater the volatility, the more likely you are to suffer a permanent loss. If you withdraw your funds at such a volatile time, the risk of you losing the original asset value is very high when calculating the USD value.

CoinMarkeCap ​​has a division of each level of Impermanent loss from low to high depending on the risk profile, so you can choose the yield farming protocol that is right for you.

Instructions on how to view CoinMarketCap

Contents of the homepage

– Cryptocurrencies function:

Contents of CoinMarketCap homepage
Contents of CoinMarketCap homepage

Right on the website homepage, you will find the following important information:
Frame number 1:

  • Cryptocurrency: The number of cryptocurrencies available on the page.
  • Markets: The total number of exchanges that can buy and sell cryptocurrencies currently in operation.
  • Market Cap: Total available market capitalization
  • 24h Vol: Transaction value within the last 24 hours.
  • BTC Dominance: Bitcoin’s advantage over the market (Bitcoin market cap ratio).
  • ETH Gas: the transaction gas fee of ETH.

Frame #2:

  • Name: Name of coin
  • Market Cap: The market capitalization of each coin.
  • Price: The current price of the coin in USD.
  • Volume (24h): Total transaction value of each coin in 24 hours.
  • Circulating Supply: The number of coins circulating in the market.
  • Change (24h): The value of the coin changes in 24 hours by percentage.
  • Price Graph (7d): Price movement within 7 days.

– Exchange function:

CoinMarketCap exchange
CoinMarketCap exchange
  • Name: Name of the exchange.
  • Exchange score: The score by which CoinMarketCap rates the exchange.
  • Volume (24h): Total amount traded on the exchange within 24 hours.
  • Avg.Liquidity: The average level of liquidity of the exchange.
  • Visit – Similarweb: Number of visitors.
  • Markets: The total number of coin pairs traded on the exchange.
  • Coin: Total number of crypto coins traded on the exchange.
  • Fiat supported: The currencies of the countries are supported to be traded on the exchange.
  • Vol Graph (7d): Graph of change in transaction amount over 7 days.

– Watchlist function

CoinMarketCap Watchlist
CoinMarketCap Watchlist

With the “Watchlist” section, investors can select and add the cryptos they want to monitor to this separate list. With this feature, investors can use it on both computers and phones. The website will automatically store your cookies and on subsequent visits to the website will automatically display this list to you. Note that, if you delete cookies, this list will be deleted and you will need to update from scratch.
The addition of this watchlist will help investors stay focused on tracking their favorite coins or investing right on the same page.

Details of each crypto coin

Crypto Details
Crypto Details

– Frame 1
Crypto prices at the moment are shown in USD and BTC (and % price change from 24 hours ago in USD and BTC)
– Frame 2
This is the advertising area of ​​Coinmarketcap.
– Frame 3

  • Market Cap: The market capitalization of each coin.
  • Volume (24h): Total transaction value of each coin in 24 hours.
  • Circulating Supply: The number of coins circulating in the market.
  • Max Supply: The maximum number of coins issued.

– 4 . frame

  • Rank: Order of coins on the chart by market cap.
  • Website: Link to the coin’s official website.
  • Annoucement: Link to the coin’s update announcement page on
  • Explorer: More detailed information about coins, some coins can add more explorer.
  • Message Board: Has the same content as Explorer.
  • Chat: Link to the coin’s official Telegram page.
  • Source code: Link to the coin’s source code page.

– Frame 5

  • Charts: The chart shows the exchange rate movement of the coin, selectable by 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, during the year or all time.
  • Markets: List all exchanges that allow trading of coins, trading volume within 24 hours, trading price of coins on each exchange and the rate of change in %.
  • Historical Data: Allows users to view the coin’s price history, market capitalization, trading volume for the past 2 months.
  • Wallet: Wallets that can store that coin.
  • News: Updated information about the coin.
  • Social: Lists all social networking sites of the coin so that users can update the latest news about the coin.
  • Rating: CoinMarketCap’s assessment of Coin.
  • Analysis: Update technical analysis, psychological indicators…

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