Akropolis (AKRO) is a project, its mission is to give people the tools to save, grow and provide for the future securely and regardless of geography, central partner or become a prey for the financial activities of many intermediaries.


Akropolis built AkropolisOS, a lightweight and modular framework for creating DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for profit. Customizable user preferences, automatic liquidity enabled by the federated curve mechanism, programmatic liquidity and treasury management.

Sparta is the first product that allows collateralized loans as well as passive profit generation through built-in profit rebalancing engine to get the maximum APR available from transactions. Various decentralized finance. All funds are pooled and the internal economy is based on a federation curve, providing additional incentives for users.

Another product under development is Delphi, a pool that allows dollar-cost averaging to automatically convert into BTC & ETH (thus diversifying a long-term portfolio) and participate in possibilities Harvest various profits (earn COMP, BAL, etc.).

What is AKRO Token?

AKRO is a utility token, used in the Akropolis network. The development team introduced it as a governance token and a utility token. Currently, AKRO is an ERC-20 token. On the project’s Telegram, the admin confirmed that the development team plans to launch the mainnet and that AKRO will be their native token.

Features of Akropolis

  • No bank account needed
  • DeFi integration for ongoing savings
  • No need for a long-term lock to receive interest – pay interest continuously
  • Against fraud or manipulation
  • Availability of payments
  • Ability to receive money even if the organization is dissolved or failed
  • Expanding potential to cooperative banking model
  • Encourage users to grow the network, reduce usage costs and speed up service delivery
  • Full ownership of funds in a trustless way: funds are stored in an on-chain ledger where only verified users have access to them
  • Keep financial records transparent, real-time, immutable for all users – tackle fraud and minimize currency abuse through multi-signature fund implementation
  • Programmed immutable smart contracts allow users to create automated financial algorithms. Algorithms implement the functionality of existing financial instruments and create a wide range of new financial instruments.

Utilities of AKRO


Access the loan market from anywhere.

Reduce credibility

Don’t depend on a centralized party to lend or borrow. Your retirement fund cannot be attacked by surprise; This bank account cannot be closed.


Real-time, immutable NAV and verifiable loan/borrow/investment transactions 24/7 on any given day. Mobile tracking records.

Mobile tracking records

Seamlessly transfer your donation and credit track record to a LAO/DAO/Capital pool.

No mortgage required

Borrow a small amount without collateral, build your reputation and develop your economy.

Development team

AKROAna Andrianova – CEO & Founder

Ana Andrianova is an exceptional situational investment specialist with experience and a strong interest in decentralization and blockchain. A regulated fund manager and private equity fund board member, Ana is an advisor to the Web3 Foundation, she has analyzed and traded over $3.5 billion, advises for $300 million in credit deals and private equity.

AKROKate Kurbanova – Co-Founder, Operations & HR

As the second hire in a tech-finance startup Cindicator, which raised $15 million for its Hybrid Intelligence platform in September 2017, Kate is one of the authors of the token model and whitepaper. white) Cindicator, which also acts as a community manager, as well as the most popular token sale in it.

AKROAlex Maz – Technology Team Leader

Blockchain engineer, trainer and co-founder of the St.Petersburg conference Peter, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Machine Learning. Alex has 16 scientific publications focused on natural language recognition and 10 commercially deployed applications to his name.


AKRO is a blockchain project in the financial sector. The project seeks to create a new generation of digital finance. Where members participate freely, exchange and trust each other without being managed, dependent on any other third party. Blockchain is used to create economic incentives for all participants and it will replace third parties.

You can see the price of AKRO here.

According to AZCoin News

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