What is Block Header?

The Block Header is used to identify a specific block on the entire blockchain and is continuously hashed to generate a proof of work (POW) for mining rewards.

A blockchain consists of a series of different blocks used to store information regarding transactions occurring on the blockchain network. A block contains a unique header, and each such block is identified by a block header hash.

The header is an 80 byte long string and includes the Bitcoin version number 4 bytes long, the previous block hash 32 bytes, the merkle root 32 bytes long, the long timestamp (long timestamp) 4 bytes of block, 4-byte long target difficulty for block and 4-byte long nonce used by miners.

As part of standard mining exercise, the block header is continuously hashed by miners by changing the nonce value. Through this exercise, they strive to create proof of work, which helps miners to be rewarded for their contributions to keeping the blockchain system running.


According to Tapchibitcoin.vn

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