Qtum is an open source PoS blockchain application. Qtum’s core technology merges with a fork of Bitcoin Core into a single entity, the Account Abstraction Layer, which enables multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and PoS consensus, to locate industry use cases. industry.


Qtum’s goal is to change the way application databases are stored. Instead of being centrally stored on a server, applications running on the Qtum platform will be stored in a database like on a blockchain.

The process of forming the Qtum . project

The Qtum Foundation is a Singapore-based organization that supports the Qtum blockchain application. The organization is comprised of a wide range of developers, blockchain and internet experts, including Neil Mahi and Jordan Earls, two veterans who have worked in the Crypto/Blockchain space for many years. The project started in March 2016, leading to a successful sale a year later. Over 10,000 BTC and 72,000 ETH were raised in less than 5 days, making Qtum one of the largest projects in history with $15.6 million.

Development team

The Qtum project is developed by the Qtum Foundation in Singapore and started in March 2016. Qtum is a global project that aims to become a bridge between the BTC and ETH communities, Qtum’s development team is from all over the world, in various fields such as blockchain, internet, cryptocurrency, finance, business, etc. Some members have worked at big companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, NASDAQ.


Member of Qtum

Qtum owns a team of quality employees who love their work and are extremely dedicated. In particular, there are two prominent names:

Anthony Di Iorio – Founder of the Ethereum brand

Chen Weixing – Owner of Didi Chuxing

Principle of operation of crypto Qtum

The Qtum-based smart contract is similar to the smart contract you see with ETH and NEO, powered through Qtum when combined with Bitcoin’s UTXO, used by nodes to match and confirm validators. execute transactions from its database.

Qtum brings these ideas together in the BTC smart contract, along with other smart contracts to create the real-world blockchain opportunity that many businesses have been patiently waiting for. Combining a modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an EVM compatible version, Qtum unites Bitcoin’s blockchain with the endless possibilities offered by other smart contracts.

Qtum understands that improving on current blockchain technology and focusing primarily on introducing useful options to the trading world is critically important to its own success. Qtum’s goal is to unite blockchains and the business world together.

Salient features of crypto Qtum

Good security: Qtum is considered by experts to have many strengths of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, the security of this currency is appreciated. From there, this can be a solid basis for investors to pour capital into.

It can be synchronized on most smartphone e-wallets today: Another advantage to mention is the homogeneity of this currency. Qtum can synchronize data very accurately and securely on mobile wallets for all phones and operating systems.

Proceed to build a decentralized network: The Qtum cryptocurrency is a clear improvement on the currency, as it can have all the trust of the Bitcoin blockchain and potentially be governed by smart contracts . Besides, crypto Qtum has an attractive interface along with some convenient features such as high stability in transactions; interact with high density at high speed.

The Qtum application adapts well to today’s transactions: Qtum can adapt well to the key ecosystems of the blockchain platform. Therefore, it can help to solve the troubles that often occur on mobile platforms.

Qtum is blockchain-based: So it allows you to create your own tokens, self-regulate and test terms in a stable, standardized scope.

You can see Qtum prices here.

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